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Live from Elm Court featuring Lauren Libaw, The Frederick R. Koch Foundation
performance of Copland, Elgar, Tesori, and Schlosberg’s Stories (2020)
8pm ET, YouTube Live

Sites of Revolution, Prelude Festival
text by Kate Tarker, directed by Dustin Wills
music by Daniel Schlosberg
start time tbd, presented online

2020.11.03 - 11.04
performance of Schlosberg’s arrangement of Beethoven’s FIDELIO
start time tbd (Reykjavík, Iceland)

Live from Elm Court featuring Chris Bannow, Andrew Burnap, Juliana Canfield, Carmen Zilles, The Frederick R. Koch Foundation
libretto by Kate Tarker/ Dustin Wills
stage direction by Dustin Wills
performance of Schlosberg’s Once Five Years Pass, Awful Event!, and premiere of Schlosberg’s Untitled Sistine Chapel Project 
8pm ET, YouTube Live

BREATHING FREE, a theatrical-virtual song cycle, Heartbeat Opera
music directed by Daniel Schlosberg
performance of Schlosberg’s arrangement of Beethoven’s FIDELIO, and works by H.T. Burleigh, Langston Hughes, Anthony Davis, et al. 
start time varies, presented online

2021.12.10 - 12.19
NINETEEN • TWENTY, Chamber Music Northwest
premiere of Schlosberg’s arrangements of Berlin, Ellington, Poulenc, Satie, and Shostakovich, by BodyVox and The Akropolis Reed Quintet
start time varies, BodyVox Dance Center (Portland, OR)

2020.12.17, 12.19
Threshold, Cantata Profana
performance of Michael Hersch's On the Threshold of Winter
7pm and 8pm, The Irondale Center (Brooklyn, NY)

2020.12.18, 12.19
Fables, Cantata Profana
performance of works by Rahilia Hasanova, Klaus Lang, John Dowland, Sciarrino, and Monteverdi
8pm and 4pm, The Irondale Center (Brooklyn, NY)

2021.03.__ - 03. __
The Extinctionist, a new opera, Heartbeat Opera
music by Daniel Schlosberg
libretto by Amanda Quaid
directed by Louisa Proske
premiere of Schlosberg’s The Extinctionist (2021) by Heartbeat Opera
start time varies, presented online

2021 Fall
Beethoven Fidelio, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
arrangement by Daniel Schlosberg
8pm and 8pm, Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and Music Center at Strathmore (Baltimore, MD)

2021 Fall
Beethoven’s FIDELIO, Heartbeat Opera x MetLiveArts
adapted by Ethan Heard
arrangement by Daniel Schlosberg
performance by Cantata Profana and Daniel Schlosberg
start time varies, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, NY)