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Home V: Grieg and Sibelius, Brooklyn Art Song Society
performance of Grieg’s 6 Lieder Op. 48, Haugtussa Op. 67
7:30pm, Brooklyn Historical Society (Brooklyn, NY)
coverage: OperaWire

2020.04.16, 04.18
On the Threshold of Winter, Cantata Profana
performance of Michael Hersch's On the Threshold of Winter
7pm and 8pm, The Irondale Center (Brooklyn, NY)

2020.04.17 - 04.18
Fables, Cantata Profana
performance of works by Rahilia Hasanova, Klaus Lang, John Dowland, Sciarrino, and Monteverdi
8pm and 4pm, The Irondale Center (Brooklyn, NY)

2020.05.11 - 05.16
Lady M (Verdi’s MACBETH), Heartbeat Opera
adapted by Ethan Heard
arrangement by Daniel Schlosberg
performance by Cantata Profana and Daniel Schlosberg
start time varies, The Irondale Center (Brooklyn, NY)